We Believe That All Energy Is Recycled

Quite simply what you put out, returns to you. It’s called Karma hun - spread the good vibes, keen that positive chain going. The purpose of IO Project is to encourage you to think, feel, play & re-connect.

You could call it the antidote to apathy... for adults who’ve forgotten how to play.

Created by DJ Goldierocks, having spent the last decade travelling the world touring as a DJ & broadcaster she was very familiar with the need to seek balance. Throughout her career, she’s extensively researched & created a set of personal practices & routines that she finds restorative.

That bring back a sense of well being & calm contentment in the face of burn out & that grinding feeling of being ‘out of sorts’; that extensive travel, late nights, high tech use & high pressured work circumstances contribute to, and that a lot of us are bombarded with on a daily basis. IO Project experiences are full of love, ritual and hippie good vibes but with a bit more contemporary attitude & delivery so they’re accessible & meaningful to a sophisticated, urban, contemporary clientele.


So “gong baths” do they involve bubbles? No no.. it’s a metaphor. All it means is that the sound ‘washes’ over you. All you have to do is lie back, take some deep breaths and let the sound naturally take you to a gorgeous, warm, zenned out happy zone. When we’re stressed out & run down, our bodies & minds are inbalanced. Each cell of your body has its own vibratory frequency.

We believe by stimulating these cells through sound, with a new healing vibration we bring the body & mind back into synchronicity- creating a sense of well being & calm, naturally kick starting your immune system to heal. Pure magic. We work with gongs but also tuning forks, crystal chakra bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, drums, bells, chimes (it can change every session) hence we prefer the term ‘sound meditation’. Kinda cool eh?

Get in touch for our detailed menu of bespoke gong & holistic experiences that make IO Project a little bit different to your average gong bath. For example: energising gong baths focusing on intention setting, calming gong baths to help manage de-stress & to aid sleep, gong baths incorporating edibles like CBD or cacou. We regularly incorporate into sessions aromatherapy oils, a guided yoga nidra or breath work techniques.

And want to create something more immersive, totally unique? We got you. We have a chunky black book of guest collaborators, hand picked for their skill but also style & zest & energy... your vibe attracts your tribe right? Crystal healers, yogis, clairvoyants, psychosynthesis therapists, reiki healers, pilates instructors, chefs, breath work specialists, motivational coaches, & work/life balance gurus are just some of the gang we have in our inner circle.


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