The team behind IO Project have worked in live events and international & UK specialist music radio for over a decade. We’ve got a ‘great ear’ and a real knack for getting the vibe of spaces just right.

It’s no secret that sound has a huge effect on the commercial viability of public spaces & businesses. We’re available for all your soundtrack curation needs including TV, radio, film, online & gaming.

With our audio production side of thing we specialise in making talk based audio
encouraging you to think, feel & open your mind.

Check out some of our work below:



Our monthly radio show on Soho Radio (broadcasting from London & NYC) talking to some of the most interesting & influential movers, shakers, artists, thinkers and makers.



Our Dance Inc podcast series in collaboration with DJ Mag explored diversity and inclusion within the nightlife industry (that went top 10 in the UK itunes chart)



Our documentary on Zaatari Syrian refugee camp in collaboration with Oxfam.

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