Corporate and 
Private Sessions

We can supply one-off or regular gong baths to help you & your team log off & find some much needed headspace. We can provide all the gear to make the experience comfortable & cosy. We can come to your base or curate an event off-site. For brand and product activations, we can create a completely unique experience for each client providing full creative & logistical production. We can provide refreshments & bespoke goodie bags based around sleep/being energized.

Please see about section for examples of how we make our sound meditations a little different.

Collaboration examples

In response to the Covid 19 crisis, we’ve created the zen den! A gorgeous home studio with professional lights, camera & ASMR microphone.  Meaning we can host high quality virtual sessions easily and on demand.. and who wouldn’t benefit from a little mediation in the current climate

We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with the likes of: